Family Camp Workshops

            Once a year, usually the weekend after the 4th of July, for the past 20 years we’ve had our congregation’s Family Camp.

            Our purpose & intention is to get out of the immediate area of the Flathead Valley and have one solid day together for our church family. Friday afternoon & evening folks arrive at different times, depending on their work schedules. We usually have a “potluck” of BBQ burgers & hot dogs. Then we have camp opening, an introductory message for the year’s camp there, then a campfire. Saturday is the day we determine to be together – from the time we get up to the time we head for bed. We start with morning devotion, then have a big, home-cooked breakfast. After a break we have a message time, then our beloved workshop (described later).

            After the workshop we have lunch; some staying at camp, others taking a sack lunch & getting out for the afternoon (and everything in between). Saturday afternoon is free recreation time, with many opportunities for fellowship.

            Then Saturday evening we have an “organized” potluck, followed by “Shotgun preaching.” Shotgun preaching for us means each of the men can share a 10-15 minute message, with the messages coming back-to-back in succession. Truly delightful and edifying!

            Sunday opens with devotion before breakfast, then our standard Lord’s Day Bible School classes and the Lord’s Supper Assembly. Afterwards we have lunch; putting out all the leftovers and sending various “favorites” home with folks.


The Saturday morning workshop has become the heart & soul of our camps. Usually there is a message introducing and defining Biblically the theme of the workshop. After a short break, we engage in a round-table workshop for an hour plus of lively, often intense, discussion.

The section that follows contains are some of the more recent handouts as well other written material resources to facilitate our camp. In sharing them, we hope others can utilize these themes/formats for group and individual study or meditation.






2020 NW MT Family Camp – Relating to Time Pressures

2017 NW MT Family Camp – The Holy Spirit’s Help

2015 NW MT Family Camp – Strategies for Joy-Filled Living

2013 NW MT Family Camp – A New Lifestyle

2010 NW MT Family Camp – Scripture Character Qualities

2009 NW MT Family Camp – Psalm 37:4 Promises

2008 NW MT Family Camp – Relationship Survey