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 All Scripture quotations are taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB), unless otherwise indicated.

  • Papers

    (Full blown, in-depth analysis of certain topics.)

  • Essays

    (Short, concise statements regarding certain Biblical passages or topics.)

  • Personal Bible Study Outlines

    (Outlines developed from personal Bible studies during the past 25 years. These regard questions or topics which have been asked often.)

  • Handouts

    (Included here are handouts that we are currently using in our congregation for instructional purposes. Also, past handouts have been included that proved to be particularly valuable and effective for the brethren here.)

  • Answered Questions

    (Since the development and launching of our first website, questions have come in and been answered via e-mail. Whereas in the past, personal Bible study usually afforded verbal dialog on questions, the website medium necessitates written answers. Questions that have been most frequently asked in the past, and now have a written response, are shared here.)

  • Booklets written by Jay Wilson

    (Includes the New Creation Bible Study series and more…)