About The Author

Jay Wilson established Christ’s Church in Bozeman, Montana in June of 1972. Working with people on an individual basis to fulfill the great commission, the preacher has recognized the importance of one person and has pressed for personal evangelism ever since. The evangelist says, “Jesus died for the individuals. He counts every individual sheep as important, leaving the 99 safe sheep for the one sheep which was lost. Unless we deal with people at the one-on-one level, our religion is in fact the opiate of the masses.” To assist Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission – to go, make their own disciples, and to continue to teach their own disciples – he has written and published the New Creation Bible Study Series. In addition, evangelist Wilson is the editor of the monthly publication The 11th Hour Times, which presses for the return to the ancient order and the development of the new creation. Evangelist Wilson says, “I desire to preach Christ, and Him crucified. I want to speak and write in a plain, understandable fashion, so that men might know and do God’s will.”

Jay Wilson was at one time an atheist, having come to the conclusion that God was merely the creation of the human mind. But a thorough examination of the scriptures has convinced him that God does in fact exist, and that the Bible is His written revelation to us.

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The New Creation Bible Study series and other books / booklets: