Christ’s Church in the Valley

We are a community of truth-seekers, following Jesus at His Word. Jesus has set us free from sin, denominational authority, man-made tradition, and false worship. Cherishing this freedom, we disciple others to a direct, power-filled relationship with the Lord.

Each one of us deeply and passionately loves our Lord Jesus: we are His bride. Every day, we live seeking the beauty of holiness, hoping for His return when He will sweep us away to that perfect place He is preparing for us! Until then, we prepare ourselves and work to fulfill His purpose(s) on earth.

Our most distinguishing characteristic regards the primary importance and value of the individual. Every member of the body is unique and indispensible. Jesus expressed this in the parable of the shepherd leaving the ninety-nine safe sheep to go and find the one which was lost. We believe that if you or any one of us were the only person needing salvation, Jesus would have come to earth and gone to the cross just the same.

Our evangelistic methods are simple and straight-forward. First we show the gospel with our transformed lives. When people ask about “the hope that is in us” (I Peter 3:15), we then share with them verbatim Scripture texts. Instead of asking people to “come to church”, we more often answer their questions in personal Bible study.

In essence we are everyday, ordinary people humbly trusting Christ to transform us by His power. Our part consists in digesting the Word of God and following the Holy Spirit’s leading from within. This life transformation contains not only much joy and satisfaction, but also discipline, suffering, and sorrows. In this we recognize our need for one another. Our fellowship together becomes so very vital, enabling each one of us to continue and grow in Christ.

Steve Compton, Minister
May 2011