The Bible and Christ’s Church

The Bible is God’s Word (I Thessalonians 2:13); His written revelation of Himself to mankind. It contains His purpose in creating the physical universe and His instructions for mankind, as we are created in His image (Genesis 1:26). In a real sense the Bible is the handbook for living life as it should be lived. As II Peter 1:3 states, the Bible contains “everything pertaining to life and godliness.” The nature and usefulness of God’s Word is stated precisely in II Timothy 3:16-17: “All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”

Christ’s Church recognizes the Scriptures as absolute Truth (John 17:17). As such, the Bible is the absolute and final authority in all matters (Matthew 28:18 and John 12:47-48). For Christ’s Church in the Valley, as a local congregation belonging to Jesus Christ, the Scriptures themselves constitute our statement of faith, doctrine of salvation, articles of government, standards of personal holiness, and primary text for teaching and preaching.

We believe and “earnestly contend” for the following:

(1) God is, and He is a rewarder of those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

(2) The One God exists in three manifestations or forms; the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit (Genesis 1:26Hebrews 1:1-3,

John 10:30Romans 8:9-11).

(3) The Bible is God’s Word (II Thessalonians 2:13II Timothy 3:16).

(4) Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God (Matthew 16:16-17). Jesus the Man is God in the flesh (Matthew 1:23John 1:14).

(5) The Church belongs to Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:18Acts 20:28).

(6) Jesus is head authority (Lord) in the Church (Ephesians 5:23Matthew 28:18I Timothy 6:14-16.

(7) Jesus’ great commission to the Church constitutes our mission (Matthew 28:18-20Mark 16:15-16).

(8) Salvation is in Christ Jesus (Luke 19:10John 14:6Romans 8:1) and God’s formula includes the following;

(A) Belief in Christ (Mark 16:16Acts 16: 23-33),

(B) Saving faith necessarily includes obedience to Christ (Romans 1:5/16:26Hebrews 5:8-9James 2:14-26).

(C) Repentance of sin (Acts 17:30Luke 13:3Acts 2:37-38a),

(D) Confession of Christ (Matthew 16:16-17Acts 8:35-37Romans 10:10),

(E) Baptism (immersion) into Christ for the remission of sins and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit

(Mark 16:15-16Acts 2:37-38Romans 6: 3-4Acts 22:16Galatians 3:27I Peter 3:21Romans 8:9),

(F) Devotion to 1) the teaching of the New Testament, 2) fellowship, 3) the Lord’s Supper, and 4) prayer

as a lifestyle following immersion into Christ (Acts 2:42, John 6:53-54, Acts 20:7), and

(G) Christians are to be faithful until the end (I Timothy 6:12-14Revelation 2:10bII Timothy 4:6-8).

(9) Christ is returning at the “second coming” (Acts 1:9-11Hebrews 9:27-28Revelation 22:12-1320).


Steve Compton