In everything give thanks! (I Thess. 5:18a)

Jesus exemplified and calls us to the giving of thanks so many times in the Scriptures. Therefore we dedicate this page to sharing thanksgivings specifically for things pertaining to the growth and establishment of this local congregation of the Lord’s Church.

In acknowledging individuals and significant events we must always, first and foremost, declare our thanksgiving and praise to Jesus Who makes it all possible. He created us with the ability, talents, opportunity, and motivation to accomplish any and all of these things. To Him be the glory most of all!

Thank you to Michael Hewston of Click Here Designs for helping set up this new website for our congregation!

Thank you to those who work behind the scenes, cleaning the building, checking emails, posting things to our website, typing, writing, editing, publishing the bulletin, making phone calls or sending texts when someone needs prayer, sending cards to the people in the congregation… Many hands make light work!

Thank you to all who have donated and/or produced books, CD’s, and DVD’s for our Church library and material racks.

Thank you to all the men who are serving by sharing Lord’s Supper meditations, leading songs, and preaching. Thank you for your time and dedication in feeding us spiritually according to the Word of God.

Thank you to the women who are teaching our children in Bible School Classes. It requires a great deal of time and preparation. This is a great service for the Lord.

Thank you to the women who work diligently in giving hospitality, including organizing potlucks, organizing and making meals for the sick, new mothers and etc.. You all do a great job!

Thank you to all of our shutter-bugs for taking photos and/or making photo collages of Church get-togethers and events. It is great to have a visual record of our fellowship.

Thank you to all those who are getting the Gospel out in our local community. This includes showing the power of the Gospel with your life as a changed person, sharing the Gospel with those in your sphere of influence, helping others to share the Gospel maybe by just being there in presence at a Bible study, providing funds to help get the Gospel out and the list goes on. We can all share in some manner!